Physico-chemical analysis of ground water of Sambhar lake city and its adjoining area block, was performed to have a clear picture of water quality so that remedial measure could be worked for fluoride higher than 6 mg/lit may cause osteoporsis and fluorosis. High nitrate is alarming as it indicates possibility of seepage from sewage.

Among several salt lakes in the Thar Desert of western India, the Sambhar is the largest lake producing about 2 9 105 tons of salt (NaCl) annually.

Pilot project has helped producers boost their output, profits

Mohammed Iqbal

A unique project: International experts watching a crusher-cum-salt iodisation machine provided to small salt producers at Nawa under a UN World Food Programme-sponsored project.

The Sambhar Salt Lake hydrological system, including river waters, groundwaters, evaporating pans and sub-surface brines, has been analyzed for the salt content (TDS) and naturally occurring radionuclides (210Po, 210Pb and 226,228Ra).