Six state-owned firms, including BHEL and Power Grid Corporation, on Wednesday signed an initial agreement for setting up the world's largest ultra mega solar power project in Rajasthan.

It’s good news for environmentalists and bird lovers, particularly in the state and the general as a whole.

The ministry of new and renewable energy plans to set up four solar-based ultra mega power projects (UMPPs) to bring down the cost of power.
They would come up at Sambhar in Rajasthan, Khargoda in Gujarat and Ladakh and Kargil in J&K, said joint secretary in the ministry Tarun Kapoor at Intersolar India conference here. "We have thermal-based UMPPs, but now we are exploring the possibility of setting up mega solar projects. The aim is to bring down the cost of power to nearly Rs 5 per unit," he said.

India will build the world’s largest solar plant to generate 4,000 mw from sunlight near the Sambhar lake in Rajasthan that will sell electricity at an estimated rate of . 5.50 per unit.

After conventional ultra mega thermal power projects, India is set to launch similar projects in the non-conventional energy space.

JAIPUR: At least 10 poachers, armed with guns and knifes, thrashed a forest guard in Indala area in Ranthambore National Park on Tuesday night after he tried to nab them. The poachers escaped after killing a spotted deer.

According to sources, a guard, Hanuman, who was on duty in the park at night, heard some noises nearby. Suddenly he saw a few persons armed with guns and knifes. "No sooner he stepped forward, the poachers attacked him. At this the guard raised an alarm and soon his colleagues reached for help. But even they were attacked by the poachers who then escaped," said an official.

Wild boar meat is being sold in Nagpur for Rs80 a kilo. Sambhar meat is available in Bhubaneswar for Rs100 a kilo.

Meat of rare birds, including egrets, moor hen and a variety of wild water birds, is being sold openly in the streets of Puducherry while the meat of the Indian bullfrog is up for sale in the markets of Dimapur. Across India, the sale of the meat of wild animals, including jungle cats, jackal, porcupine and other endangered animals, has reached mammoth proportions and if the ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) does not take steps to counter this trade,

JAIPUR/ALWAR: It was another relocation bid that went awry.

Anindo Dey & Rajendra Sharma | TNN

Jaipur/Alwar: It was another relocation bid that went awry.

Physico-chemical analysis of ground water of Sambhar lake city and its adjoining area block, was performed to have a clear picture of water quality so that remedial measure could be worked for fluoride higher than 6 mg/lit may cause osteoporsis and fluorosis. High nitrate is alarming as it indicates possibility of seepage from sewage.