Bhopal, July 24: The Madhya Pradesh State Forest Department will be experimenting on zoo-bred lions. In an ambitious project, the State's Forest department will be adopting few pair of zoo lions for the purpose of breeding. And when they will litter, the cubs will be imparted training to adopt in the natural conditions - to kill a prey and survive.

On being trained, these cubs will be introduced in the Palpur Kuno Wild Life Sanctuary located in the Sheopur district of the Madhya Pradesh.

Hunger is unpalatable. For a government that wishes to assert that it is not callous, it is particularly so. But hunger, with a capital H, is a pill that millions of people in Madhya Pradesh continue to swallow.

The Sahariya tribal population in Sheopur district continues to suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

"THE tribals need to change their attitude and lifestyle," said R.K. Dixit, the Chief Medical Health Officer (CMHO) of Sheopur district in Madhya Pradesh, in response to a query about continuing reports of children starving to death in the region. The Sahariyas, one of the poorest tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh, live mostly in remote villages with little access to health care.

Malnutrition deaths of children in a tribal hamlet point to the general state of welfare programmes in Madhya Pradesh.