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Solar power is getting a major boost in Bhutan. More schools, health units and monasteries in remote areas will get solar energy now. The officials of the department of power in Bhutan have

Proposal to clamp down on plastic carrybags and wrappers in Tamil Nadu

Delhi High Court directs CAG to probe power plant deal

people will soon have to pay more for solid waste. Trash facility operators in Virginia will be charged a higher fee of us $5 per tonne of solid waste. Virginia governor Mark Warner

The convoluted laws of the country fail to tackle the menace caused by the exponentially growing and powerful plastic industry in India

Of your waste, the government needs to tell the plastic industry. Other countries have done so. At times, to developing nations detriment. India needs to learn and adapt

The Bangladesh government sends thin plastic bags packing, but has Dhaka seen the last of them? Pinaki Roy on the ban s efficacy

• India's DNA scientists have initiated a project to clone the Indian cheetah by using the genes of its Iranian cousin. Scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in

Biodegradable plastic car parts can be made from miscanthus grass

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit inaugurated the first fruit and vegetable waste disposal plant in the country at Azadpur today. The organophos plant will provide organic manure for farmers of Delhi and