The Sri Lankan forestry industry is in for a massive improvement with tIle Asian Development Bank approving a $60 million loan and $400,000 technical assistance granrecently. The grants will help

Sri Lankan environmentalists fear that unregulated exports of exotic species of birds and fish could spell big trouble in the y future. Jagath Gurawardena, spokesperson for the Society for

Sri Lankans im hotting up about an ambitious anti-poverty scheme to be launched in June. Us Samurdhi, about 100,000 families earning below US a month will get a direct income transfer of a little

Sri Lanka's fierce civil war has taken a heavy toll on it's wildlife. A recent report in the Sri Lankan Daily News claims that land mines have killed or injured several wild elephants. Charles

MECHANICAL mining rights are being considered on the flood-prone Kalu Ganga south of Colombo for the South African gem trading company, Colombo Sapphire Ltd. According to Panos Features, this will

THE ENVIRONMENTAL Foundation Ltd (EFL) of Sri Lanka has threatened the country's Central Environment Authority (CEA) with legal action for becoming an "advocate for industrialists" by granting

ECOLOGISTS have opposed the proposed 31-km Colombo-Katunayake expressway, writes Mallika Wanigasundara in a Panos report. They claim it will dislocate approximately 2,500 families, affect the

One of the last environmental actions of recently assassinated Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa was to block a private company's attempts to initiate mechanised gem mining in the Kalu