This document contains the presentation by Nalaka Gunawardene, Director of TVE Asia Pacific at Second country media briefing on

On a recent visit to Tokyo, I watched Climate in Crisis, an excellent documentary co-produced in 2006 by Japan

The global godfather of nations The United Nations Organization is bankrupt and counting its pennies

The recent banning of kidney transplants among non-relatives by the Indian government has proved to be a setback for hundreds of Sri Lankan kidney patients unable to find enough local organs for

Recent government moves in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe to monitor NGOs and curtail their rights are being given a once over

INFUSING public interest messages into soap operas, television's most popular programmes, requires a delicate balance between entertainment and education. The telenovellas of Mexico's Televisa and

Cyril Ponnamperuma's death leaves a void in the world's scientific community

After a 10 year crusade, Sri Lankan environmentalists finally got what they wanted: mandatory environmental impact assessments for development projects. But the whole thing is riddled with glitches...

Sri Lankan environmental pioneer C Suriyakumaran has been selected by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), to share the 1995 Sasakawa International Environment Prize, worth

Sri Lanka is set to curb atmospheric lead pollution by introducing lead free petrol for its cars