New Delhi: You may have heard of kidney dialysis but did you know that even the liver can be flushed of its toxins using a similar method?

MIT researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, have made a breakthrough that may lead to development of artificial livers for transplantation.

London: A woman from Liverpool, who was suffering from an incurable liver cancer, was saved by using a tissue from a cow’s heart to rebuild her liver.

Fr Paul Madan, director of Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly, inaugurating the organ donation mission and receiving the first agreement letter of hospital administrator P V Thomas.

GUWAHATI, Sept 23 – Even as a few individuals come forward to pledge their organs for donation, the trend in Assam does not appear encouraging.

Alappuzha: About 400 residents of a Kerala village have pledged to donate their organs after death.

Want to donate an organ for a “not-so-near” relative in dire need of a transplant?

Getting right donor at right time remains a far cry here as superstitions, non-declaration of brain-dead patients make 1000s die for want of donors

Bangalore: Motorists who wish to donate their organs after they die can now carry a sticker in their driving licence, affirming their pledge, thus making it easy to harvest organs in case of fatal

Even as the Health Ministry has introduced a series of amendments to the organ transplant Act to give a boost to the national programme, the budget for the National Organ Transplantation Programme