Order of the Allahabad High Court in the matter of Ranjan Srivastava Vs Union of India.

The petitioner had requested the court for direction to enable and make it lawful for him to exercise "his supreme right regarding his life and body whereby he makes/performs Live Body Donation(Jeevit Deh Daan) of his human body and of all his living organ and tissues for the desperate and suffering needy by walking into an operation theater of a suitable facility at a suitable time and for making multiple gifts of life to desperately suffering and dying individuals".

New Delhi: You may have heard of kidney dialysis but did you know that even the liver can be flushed of its toxins using a similar method?

MIT researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, have made a breakthrough that may lead to development of artificial livers for transplantation.

London: A woman from Liverpool, who was suffering from an incurable liver cancer, was saved by using a tissue from a cow’s heart to rebuild her liver.

Fr Paul Madan, director of Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly, inaugurating the organ donation mission and receiving the first agreement letter of hospital administrator P V Thomas.

GUWAHATI, Sept 23 – Even as a few individuals come forward to pledge their organs for donation, the trend in Assam does not appear encouraging.

Alappuzha: About 400 residents of a Kerala village have pledged to donate their organs after death.

Want to donate an organ for a “not-so-near” relative in dire need of a transplant?

Getting right donor at right time remains a far cry here as superstitions, non-declaration of brain-dead patients make 1000s die for want of donors

Bangalore: Motorists who wish to donate their organs after they die can now carry a sticker in their driving licence, affirming their pledge, thus making it easy to harvest organs in case of fatal