With summer approaching, the UT Administration has swung into action to save the drying out Sukhna Lake. For this, Chandigarh’s tertiary water supply would be used to fill the lake.

In order to decide the dispute pertaining to the catchment area of Sukhna Lake, the Chandigarh Administration has sought the original copy of the map of catchment area defined and revalidated by th

The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Monday appointed Advocate H C Arora as a local commissioner to submit a report relating to the existence and extent of area under Sukhna Choe.

To negate the Punjab government’s claim that no part of the catchment area falls within the jurisdiction of Punjab, Advocate Tanu Bedi, amicus curiae in the public interest litigation (PIL) pertain

Chandigarh: The Tatas today defended its ambitious plans of raising skyscrapers in the vicinity of Chandigarh by claiming the project neither obstructed the view of the Shivaliks, nor was it in the

The Punjab and Haryana High Court today constituted a committee for demarcation of catchment area near Sukhna Lake.

While the New Lake in Sector 42 is filled up using water from tubewells, the rainwater is being allowed to go down the drain.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court today refused to vacate the stay over the construction of Tata Camelot project.

The UT Administration has proposed another plan for the beautification of Sukhna Lake, this time for the rear end. With the aim of making the road at the back of the Lake more appealing to visitors, certain attractive features are likely to be added.

According to the proposal, huts would be constructed along the stretch of the road.

The mystery of the Sukhna Lake