The New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has launched a public awareness cam- paign aimed at debunking traditional beliefs that fuel the demand for tiger products in South Asia.

IN a welcome move, Madhya Pradesh (mp) has been proclaimed a 'Tiger state' to give more thrust to its tiger protection programme. Declaring this on June 25, the state minister for forests, B R Yadav,

PROMISCUOUSLY cohabiting gene pools were on the verge of ensuring that tigers would never be the same again; what saved the day was the Central Zoo Authority's (CZA) new scientific action plan

WHILE plans are being drawn up across the world to protect endangered tiger species, the Madhya Pradesh government's decision to lift the ban on the collection of tendu leaves from 44 protected

TIGER census will now be done by shoot- ing the cats - with a camera, of course! Earlier, pug marks counting was the only method. "Camera trapping", as ,he new method is known, lalls for the

"RANTHAMBORE is like a leper's pock mark on this district," says a senior citizen of Sawai Madhopur, the town near which this important national park is located. The comment sums up the disdain in

Accurate tiger census methodology assumes significance in the context of the recent controversy over the declining number of tigers in the Indian sub continent. And counting pugs is the easiest and cheapest method of tiger census.