The total preservation policy has alienated people living in and around national parks and caused much harm to the forests. Experts say effective conservation will not be possible unless this policy is reversed.

All in all project tiger faces a new set of serious problems. Project tiger saved the tiger from extinction in the nick of time but over 20 years it is clear that expanding human populations, a new way of life based on alien models, and the resultant effect on natural resources has created fresh problems that indicate danger for the tiger. Militancy and poaching only add fuel to the fire. This is a serious and critical moment in the history of tiger conservation.

Indiscriminate poaching, abetted by government apathy and sympathy from villagers displaced from their traditional forest habitats, is fast wiping out India's tiger population.

HEADLINES about Ranthambhore sanctuary in Rajasthan are usually about its vanishing tiger population, but it was recently featured in the news for a very different reason. Artists from villages

RANTHAMBHOR National Park in Rajasthan is in the news, thanks to rampant poaching in the tiger reserve. This year's tiger census in the park shows their number has fallen from 46 to 18 in just one

STATE-SPONSORED conservation of natural resources in India has been in existence for many centuries and has been carried out in a variety of ways. Today, the generic term of "protected areas"

Since the tiger is at the apex of the biological pyramid, its preservation is possible only if the whole biome or its habitat is conserved and maintained at an ecological stage, advantageous to the tiger.

Against the backdrop of the increasing popularity of ecotourism and the dramatic loss of tigers due to lack of funding, mismanagement, population and development pressures as well as poaching, this article finds that the present policies benefit neither conservation nor local communities.

white tigers detained: Pakistan

A recent NY Times articles brings to fore the contribution of Soot, also known as Black Carbon, in the global warming. And how efforts are underway to reign in the global warming by replacing the mud-stoves in villages of India! On the Earth day, a legislation was introduced in US Senate for EPA to assess the options for reducing the black carbon pollution.