Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh's instruction earlier this year to ban 'tiger-shows' at the Kanha and the Bandhavgarh national parks has been the source of considerable simmering dissent

Two months ago, customs and wildlife authorities had announced one of the largest hauls of poached tiger bones -- 162 kg -- in India when they arrested Pema Thinley in Delhi. Recent information

Is the ban on "tiger shows" at Kanha and Bandhavgarh really in interest of the big

The big cats have lost one who championed their survival with the death of Kailash Sankhala

Experts from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have proved to be as lax as other bureaucrats. At the 32nd meeting of Project Tiger's steering committee, held on August 26, members pointed out

The steering committee of Project Tiger is scheduled to meet this month to decide on creating 2 more tiger reserves: in Dampha in Mizoram and Panna in Madhya Pradesh. "Tigers outside the Project

Several countries are getting tough with tiger poachers and traders in what may be the final attempt to save the magnificent beast:

Tiger Territory: then and now

IN A victory for conservationists, South Korea has decided to ban domestic trade in tiger bones and rhino horns from 1995. Although a ban on their imports have been in force -- Siberian tiger bones

Protection of the tiger has become an international slogan, especially with the initiation of the Global Tiger Forum, in New Delhi, in 1993. However, the apathy of most governments towards nature and natural resources, and the machinations of various commercial and industrial interest groups are major obstacles to the protection of the tiger.