This report looks at the large numbers of programmes and schemes aimed at poverty allevation and identifies why they have not succeeded to the desired extent. Design flaws, weak implementation, inadequate provision of funds, and the inability of the poor to access scheme benefits, are amongst many factors identified and analyzed.

The Workshop on Exploring the Possibilities of Joint Management of Protected Areas in India was held at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, on 1-3 September 1994. This report is based on notes taken by the organisers and rapporteurs at the workshop, as also on the taped proceedings.

This indicative plan has based on the work of field/park directors and their colleagues in the eight protected areas, and of various non-governmental organisations involved in carrying out PRA in the proposed project area.

This book contains a conservation strategy for Maharashtra's biodiversity based on ecodevelopment, with special reference to Melghat tiger reserve.

Protection of the tiger has become an international slogan, especially with the initiation of the Global Tiger Forum, in New Delhi, in 1993. However, the apathy of most governments towards nature and natural resources, and the machinations of various commercial and industrial interest groups are major obstacles to the protection of the tiger.

For the development and maintenance of a viable wildlife protected area network in the country, various steps are needed. Identification of the areas to be declared as national parks or sanctuaries, on the basis of their ecological value and their administrative viability.