Thai farmers switched to tapioca in the 1960s to meet the demand in the European market. But today, European environmentalists are demanding the imports be stopped because tapioca has ruined the soil in Thailand

Fluctuations in the international cotton market has resulted in massive degradation of land in West Africa

Many economists now argue that nature cannot be the provider of a perpetual free lunch. It's time to account for natural resource degradation while drawing up balance sheets

The government is basing economic policies on rough calculations of the value of trees

Norway's experience shows that resource accounting is not enough, political will to change things is just as imperative

An interview with Siddu B Nyame Gowda, who is now the Union minister of state for coal and mines.

WESTERN governments have touched the panic button because of the recent evidence of ozone depletion over the Arctic and large parts of the high and middle latitudes. The ozone hole is no