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Assessment of WFP India’s support to the Government of Uttar Pradesh to provide an operationally feasible and economically viable model on integrating fortified rice in the Mid Day Meals to create a positive impact on the micronutrient status and functional performance of school children for potential scale-up across the state.

For evaluating the impacts of climate change on crop yields regional climate models (RCMs) are now considered better than general circulation models (GCMs).

The Gomti river in Lucknow is even more polluted than the Ganga in Varanasi, a CAG report has revealed.

The water quality of rivers is an issue of serious concern today. Rivers are heavily impacted due to their use for carrying off the industrial, municipal, agricultural and domestic effluents.

The present paper is an attempt to study the socio-economic condition of the boatman community in Banaras from an anthropological approach. The city of Banaras now developed as a major pilgrimage centre of Hindus and a key destination for foreign backpackers to search for the true soul of Indian culture. However, Banaras is incomplete without focusing the role of boatman and their cultural context. Boatman of Banaras plays an important role in introducing the city to its visitors.

Up until now, poor menstrual hygiene in developing countries has been an insufficiently acknowledged problem. The lack of attention to this issue is striking as we cannot achieve several Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), that is, 2, 3 4,5, and 5B. This study aimed to assess the level of awareness about menarche and hygienic practices during menstruation in context of schooling.

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Since Ganga river bank in Varanasi is the major tourist attraction, particularly for the heavy ornamentation of ghats and temples on the western bank of the river flowing in the reverse direction i.e., from south to north at this place, this of course depicts the base of the life & lifestyle of its people. Besides this, boats, boating and life and activities of the boatmen, form an integral part of this whole scenario.

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