It is blueberries

what do bananas, oranges, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables have in common with dry cells? Researchers from the Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, have developed

Engineered fruit and vegetables probably hold the key to a healthier future

When it comes to high yields and returns, opt for green gram, say researchers

BENZENE hexachloride and malathion showed up in vegetables from the Azadpur wholesale vegetable market, prompting the ministry of agriculture to order the phasing out of chemical pesticides in

Fruits and vegetables that turn brown within minutes of being bruised or sliced may soon be guaranteed against discolouration, if ongoing field trials in The Netherlands and Australia on

Certain fruits and vegetables guard the body against cancer

Chemists have confirmed that the Mediterranean cuisine's 2 most important ingredients - garlic and red wine - apparently have a beneficial effect on the heart (Science, Vol 265, No 5178).

Genetically engineered pea seeds can successfully ward off voracious pests