The memorandum of understanding for the tourism project has provisions for making artificial snow. But John Sims, managing director of Himalayan Ski Village Pvt Ltd, the promoters of the project,

The Bangladesh government sends thin plastic bags packing, but has Dhaka seen the last of them? Pinaki Roy on the ban s efficacy

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Jabalpur s shrinking lakes needs sincere planning and community participation

in the first week of October, the Thol reservoir in the Mehsana district of Gujarat witnessed another episode of human-avian conflict. Thousands of

PLANET Earth would have been an utterly lifeless blob of space debris if it hadn"t been for the water that covers 70 per cent of its surface. But for reasons that have to do with both corporate human greed and amazing myopia, the vanguard of "modern" civi

ISRAEL'S citrus industry, part of its drive to "make the desert bloom", is a spectacular success story with export earnings in the US $150-250 million range, depending on the quality and quantity of