The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that the drug used to fight breast cancer all over the world can actually be a carcinogenic agent by increasing the risk of contracting

With the AIDS scourge assuming gigantic proportions in the South Asian countries, senior officials of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation ~et at a four-day workshop recently In

The last two remaining stocks of the dreaded smallpox virus in Russia and US will now be destroyed by June 30, 19", if all the members of the World Health Organisation (WHO) agree on its

Fifty years after Hiroshima, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is now hearing arguments on whether there can be a circumstance in which any country can legitimately be allowed to use

BARELEY have the memories of the deadly Eloba virus which took Zaire by storm Early this year faded from the mind of mme" community that yet opewrious killer. disease has Amd in the backlands of

A more proactive World Health Organization (WHO) seems to be in the offing. The Organi- zation intends to set up an earlywarning system El and a rapid reaction force to tackle epidemics. A


Tough measures to curtail the incidence Of AIDS have helped Cuba win what often seems a losing battle in many parts of the world. The methods, adopted a decade ago, include the quarantine of

Since rats cannot be totally exterminated, keeping a watch on wild and domestic rodernt plays a critical role in plague control, and this can be easily done by making rodent watch a part of the regular studies of zoology students in

A September 1995 World He Organization (WHO) consultant on tobacco-related mortality a cluded that 200 million won smoke worldwide, ofwhom 100 m lion are in developed countries,