HIV bringsscience down on its knees

Most researchers are concentrating on genetic engineering to devise an AIDS vaccine, which would be effective against all strains of the human immunodeficiency virus.

If a way to contain AIDS is not found, HIV may infect about five million people in India by the turn of the century.

The dreaded guinea worm disease will be eradicated in India by 1995, claims UNICEF. UNICEF country representative for India Jon Eliot Rhode told newspersons the number of guinea worm cases have

"ONE OF the best investments the global community can make is in AIDS prevention," says Dr Michael H Mezon, director of the Global Programme on AIDS (GPA) of the World Health Organisation. "Money

AS A FRONTIER technology today, genetic engineering is attracting the best scientific minds the world over. The ability to manipulate the genetic make-up of living things has the potential,

Even as AIDS spreads throughout the world, Australians are determined to get their share of the profits from the use of a shrub that halts replication of HIV

The World Health Organisation has called for enhanced spending and a joint UN initiative to combat the threat of AIDS.

IT IS SAD that the World Health Assembly did not accept the suggestion of AIDS campaigner Jonathan Mann, that the candidate for the director-generalship of the World Health Organisation take part in

Hiroshi Nakajima has been re elected director of the World Health Organisation. But the road ahead promises to be bumpy for the controversial Japanese civil servant.