Global climate change is today a spectre which allows for no ostriches. Scientific data is piling up to indict human activity as the source of the current phase of warming. The debate is whether the affluent North or the developing South has been more r

The contagious TB bacillus, present in a state of dormancy in many of us, is raising its ugly head again, upsetting all the currently practised modes of stopping it

IF You think science is boring, forbidding, unpoetic, egoistic, unintellectual, anti- environment and chauvinistic, you are either too naive to confuse science with politics or a neo-Luddite

Darwinian sapience takes a beating as the notion of "punctuated equilibrium" - which postulates that evolution occurred in sudden fits and starts - gathers shape

Still a source of wonder for some, no great shakes for others, the recent total solar eclipse was a memorable spectacle

Peer review, the long standing custodian of good science, is now being seen by many as a cabalistic exercise that assures the self interests of the scientific community. With accountability being the new mantra, Indian scientists can no longer aff

Port Blair, port city of the Andamans, is in a developmental cul de sac

Once hailed as a boon to health, chlorine is now charged with being carcinogenic, maiming the immune and the reproductive systems.

Is it the soul? Is it the mind? Or is it something outside the confines of the human body? Author most elusive of mental phenomenon of consciousness

Mind-body medicine: in the realm of the possible but wholly inexplicable, this loose curative system has more takers every day