The latest results from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) mobile air quality monitoring station continue to present a bleak picture for road users in Lahore.

Babar Zaheer, an EPA official, said the station continuously monitored levels of respirable dust, ozone, non-methane hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from a van parked at Yateem Khana, Multan Road between 2pm on July 23 to 3pm on July 24.

Tuberculosis (TB) in Bhutan was well under control and in keeping with international standards, according to the programme manager for TB of the health ministry, Dr Pandup Tshering.

The city government is establishing a hospital exclusively for TB patients who are already being provided facilities for the diagnosis of the disease at 64 centres managed by the CDGK.

School going children have developed a culture of taking junk foods in the name of fast food although such junk foods that contain excessive fat and carbohydrate are bad for health.

Bangladesh faces a critical health hazards for lack of

The World Health Organisation (WHO) last week released a report that makes clear both the devastating scope of the global tobacco epidemic and that it is entirely avoidable if nations implement proven solutions. This report presents what nations are doing to address this public health crisis and it demonstrates that most nations are not doing nearly enough. Only about five per cent of the world's population is covered by any one of the key interventions recommended by the WHO.

An international consortium of scientists recently emphasised on the irreversible harm that toxic chemicals can cause to foetuses and infants. The consensus was reached at the International

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