The industrialised and rich nations must compensate Bangladesh adequately to help the country cope with the adverse impact of climate change, speakers at a daylong discussion in Rajshahi city said yesterday.

They said the rich nations are solely responsible for the alarming situation created by the climate change, posing formidable threats to the country's weather, agriculture, irrigation, navi

National Bank Limited (NBL) plans to go for massive expansion in rural areas, eyeing more income from remittance services, NBL officials said yesterday.

Speakers at a discussion here have said the right to information law, if enacted without necessary changes, will fail to benefit people.

Experts at a seminar yesterday said bird flu is a national crisis but we can tackle it by taking preventive measures. They said cooked chicken and boiled eggs are safe to eat.

Bamboo clusters in Khagrachhari are flowering and fruiting in a massive scale, giving an ominous sign of food crisis in the hills.