Massive flows of finance are needed to accelerate renewable energy investments. More investment in renewables would reduce energy-related carbon emissions, a key element in efforts to limit global warming.

Renewable energy has emerged as an increasingly competitive way to meet new power generation needs.

State regulator Tamil Nadu Electricity and Regulatory Commission (TNERC) has issued draft guidelines which make scheduling and forecasting of wind and solar energy mandatory for connecting to grid

India's renewable energy sector is undergoing transformation and disruption, with solar and wind tariffs hitting record lows.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Generation of Solar and Wind Power, 21/12/2017. State-wise details of solar and wind power generation during each of the last three years and the current year are given in the Annexure.

FOWIND, the consortium led by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), published a study providing an informed outlook for offshore wind development in the Indian states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Of the 12 manufacturers at Thuvakudi, six have shut shop

The central government has put in place detailed guidelines for wind power generators to plug loopholes in contracts, reduce disputes and help achieve its ambitious target of generating 60,000 mw o

Wind farms are key to tackling climate change but warming will significantly cut the power of the wind across northern mid-latitudes, including the US, the UK and the Mediterranean, according to ne

Collectively the wind farms will power circa 240,000 South African households, positively impacting the country’s economy and its people, according to a company statement.