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This study assesses the potential for bioenergy production using various feedstocks such as sugarcane, oil palm, and municipal solid waste in six Caribbean small island developing states – Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana.

The Report looks in-depth at how India’s role on the global oil market may evolve over the period through to 2030. It examines investment plans for the refining and petrochemical industry and how these developments may impact Indian crude and product net trade.

This report presents the outcomes of an IRENA workshop, held in São Paulo in March 2023, that explored potential pathways for the development of bioenergy in Latin America and issued key recommendations to facilitate the creation of a bioenergy market in the region.

The amount of renewable energy capacity added to energy systems around the world grew by 50% in 2023, reaching almost 510 gigawatts (GW), with solar PV accounting for three-quarters of additions worldwide, according to Renewables 2023, the latest edition of the IEA’s annual market report on the sector.

Rapid deployment of low-emission fuels during this decade will be crucial to accelerate the decarbonisation of the transport sector. Significant electrification opportunities are available for the road transport sector, while the aviation and marine sectors continue to be more reliant on fuel-based solutions for their decarbonisation.

Biomass-derived energy is poised to play a pivotal role in the ongoing energy transition. According to IRENA’s 1.5°C Scenario, outlined in the World Energy Transitions Outlook, bioenergy is projected to constitute 22% of total primary energy supply by 2050.

This Report of the Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas deals with the action taken by the Government on the recommendations contained in the Seventeenth Report (Seventeenth Lok Sabha) of the Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas (2022-23) on the subject 'Review of Implementation of CBG (SATAT)' of the Ministry of Petroleum

As part of its G20 presidency, India has proposed a Global Biofuel Alliance (GBA) to bring countries together to expand and create new markets for sustainable biofuels.

The Bihar government approved Bihar Biofuels Production Promotion Policy, 2023, which will pave the way for production of compressed biogas (CBG) apart from ethanol in the state.

This report mainly deals with energy transition issues connected with the oil and gas sector, and energy transition will also significantly impact other sectors like industry, transport, cooking etc.