Environmental protection will work only if it makes economic sense. And, one good way of making sure it does is by introducing a comprehensive system of environmental taxes.

An NGO is helping residents of a Kanpur slum to get amenities like drinking water, latrines and medical care

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A plan is on to restore the falling population of turtles in the Ganga to keep the waters clean.

While the government has launched GAP to purify the Ganga, individuals like Supreme Court advocate V C Mehta have also played an important part. Mehta has sought the intervention of the apex court to contain Ganga Pollution. According to him, his seven ye

Kanpur residents drank untreated water as the city's water works, supposedly, did not have the funds to buypurifiers.

WATER QUALITY CRITERIA Water class Criteria A Drinking water without treatment: Faecal coliforms: 50 MPN / 100 ml (max); DO: 5 mg/1

Pollution, disorderly urban growth and inadequate basic services are plaguing the Kathmandu valley and adversely affecting tourism, the valley's major revenue earner. Tourism itself is a burden on the valley's resources. Attempts are being made to stem t