The results of a study on the fishery, biology, exploitation and mortality of hilsa shad (Hisa ilishu) are presented. The average annual landing of Hilsa ilisha for 1979 - 88 was 5710 tonnes forming 0.4% of the total landings. The major craft and gears and the contributions of different states are presented. Age at first maturity was estimated as 1.98 years. The details of spawning migrations, maturity stages and fecundity are discussed. The total mortality, natural mortality and fishing mortality coefficients were obtained as 1.71,0.704 and 0.9444 respectively.

The ecology of the already shrinking Chilika lake is further threatened by the scramble among fisherfolk, farmers and traders to grabe their share of the depleting stock of fish and prawn.Meanwhile the state government too, oblivious of the lake"s deterio

A nondescript Maria Gond village in Maharashtra's Gadchiroli district, can offer a lesson to urbanites on how to run a functioning democracy.

M G Rao, then assistant director of fisheries, was the first to attempt breeding tiger prawns in the Palur canal of Chilika in 1981.

In Nepal, camps for making children more environmentally conscious are proving increasingly popular. And in many families it's the children who are awakening their parents to these issues.

The Tatas' attempts to enter the prawn market raises a lot of speculation regarding the extent of their interest in the environmentally touchy lake.

Saheli, a Delhi based women's organisation, has, for some time, been fighting against long acting female contraceptives like Net oen and Norplant 6, believed to have dangerous side effects. It took its case to the Supreme Court and got the government to

The Chilika Development Authority formed in January this year is yet to formulate management plans for the wetland.

Thirty five years ago, a renowned British biologist branded England "a criminal state" and migrated to India. Today, in the year of his birth centenary, J B S Haldane is remembered as a scientist who could develop a complex quantitative theory of evolutio

Mexico can't sell its "dolphin unfriendly" tuna to USA. Japan faces punishment for exporting jewellery made of hawksbill sea turtle shell. Malaysia is penalised for exporting rainforest wood. All over the world, green trade wars are raging. But trade ban