The South"s determined efforts to scuttle the forest convention that the North was adamant on pushing through was a major triumph. A blow-by-blow account of the crucial, often tricky, negotiation

Pushed onto reservations and almost forgotten, the indigenous people of the world have finally got onto the international environmental agenda. The UNCED process has at least recognised that the concerns of the First People must be addressed

• THIS IS how the paragraph in Agenda 21 text came to Rio: "To facilitate and support the effective implementation of the non-legally binding authoritative statement of principles for a

A rape charge brought against Paulinho Paiacan, one of the chiefs of the Caiapo nation, was seen by the community as an attempt to destroy its image

A statement presented by southern NGOs in Rio

The NISGA: are fighting with the British Columbian government to be recognised as a community. They came to Rio to "tell the world about their problems"

A few northern groups proposed the setting up of a World Commission on Forests. Fortunately, the idea didn't go too far

Influential northern NGOs joined hands to demand a "comprehensive strategy" on forests

The South came back reasonably victorious from Rio, it was only because of the poor leadership of USA. The question now is: will it be able to sustain its success?

Some common misconceptions that emerged during the run up to Rio