The us's National Association for Colored People will hold a symbolic funeral for the word "nigger' at the organisation's annual convention in July as part of its campaign to end the prevalence of

any inkling of danger to Indians in other parts of the world is often enough to send the country's media into a panic overdrive. Sometimes understandably so. Most non-resident Indians retain

Heather Goodall, a historian at the University of Technology, Sydney, has a special interest in Australia's indigenous people

Racial and gender imbalances in US news broadcast sources

Racial discrimination is a product of convictions and can be easily eradicated

A UK kidney donor sets only whites condition

South Africa's stubborn Whites are blocking the "new order's" desegregation in schools

CONVENTIONAL anthropological fieldwork, common sense and academic adventure divorced from the contemporary trends in anthropological research are the mix in this book, but without rigorous

A rape charge brought against Paulinho Paiacan, one of the chiefs of the Caiapo nation, was seen by the community as an attempt to destroy its image

Pushed onto reservations and almost forgotten, the indigenous people of the world have finally got onto the international environmental agenda. The UNCED process has at least recognised that the concerns of the First People must be addressed