The Chipko movement halted commercial tree felling in UP's Chamoli district, but the women who led it are still fighting corrupt and indifferent forest officials and fund constraints to maintain the pace of development

Jharkhand"s leaders have successfully pressurised the Centre to consider granting autonomy to this region. But they have still not addressed themselves to local ecological problems

It's a unique experiment. Three Kerala organisations are involving local communities to evolve a blueprint for development based on resource maps that they helped to draw

JHARKHAND stretches from Bankura district in West Bengal to Surguja in Madhya Pradesh; and from Santhal Parganas of Bihar to Sambhalpur in Orissa. Approximately 1,87,646 sq km in area,

Promoting a more rationalist attitude to life at a mass level, that's what the Jan Vigyan Jatha sets out to do

RAGHUNATHPUR is a large village of 350 households in the Chanho block of Ranchi district. It lies 55 km from Ranchi on the road to Lohardagga. Though Oraons comprise the majority of

Are goats responsible for increasing desertification? No, say many environmentalists and researchers. In fact, this hardy animal fertilises degraded land efficiently, besides being a valuable source of income and nutrition for the poor

A N CHATURVEDI, former chief conservator of forests of UP and now with the Tata Energy Research Institute, New Delhi, is appalled at the attempts to glorify the goat. According to him, the

IN a semi-arid environment, keeping goats is considerably more rational for the local people than rearing buffaloes, according to a field study done in the degraded lands of Tilonia

"EARTHQUAKES don't kill, buildings do," says John Beynon, principal architect at UNESCO's regional office in Bangkok. Today, people are shifting to "killer buildings" as they give up their