107 cities in Asia: a city-wide slum upgrading movement by the poor takes off in Asia

The Asian Coalition for Community Action Program (ACCA) is a three-year program of the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), and the program’s target is to support a process of city-wide upgrading in 150 Asian cities. Community people are the primary doers in planning and implementing projects in which they tackle problems of land, infrastructure and housing at scale in their cities, in partnership with their local governments and other stakeholders. The ACCA Program didn’t come out of the blue, but is built on the initiatives that have already developed in most countries in the region, by community organizations and their supporting groups, and it draws on their combined experiences, mistakes and learning over the past 20 years. The program is an important tool for making change in situations of poverty - a tool which belongs to the urban poor and to all these active groups, helps them grow and helps them make change in their cities around Asia. This report is a comprehensive coverage of ACCA's citywide upgrading program for Asia's urban poor: 107 cities, 15 countries.