India infrastructure report 2011: water - policy and performance for sustainable development

Addressing the challenges of water management and governance in rural and urban areas, this new IDFC report deals with water politics, leakage of water in urban areas as well as the lack of water recycling mechanisms.

Addressing the challenges of water management and governance, the India Infrastructure Report 2011 brings a macro view of opportunities, conflicts, rights, and policy framework in rural as well as the urban sector to take into account crucial concerns like efficiency, equity, and sustainability. Since centre, state, and local institutions are unable to bring changes in the current water allocation, planning, and management policies, the Report talks about major institutional reforms that are required in that area. The report argues that desired reforms need to be geared towards establishment of specific private and community property right in groundwater, preferably tradable property rights. It shows that modernized information systems, innovative planning, implementation and monitoring strategies, and focused evaluation systems supplemented by the efficient governance mechanisms are the way forward.

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