Interlinkages in climate change: vulnerability of a mitigation strategy?

Biofuels have been promoted as a way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Besides the claim of mitigating climate
change, biofuels have been promoted by many countries as an alternative to imported oil and a way to promote employment and economic growth. Recently, interest in biofuels has changed to include their negative impacts on world food security and the steep rise in food prices. This research report introduces another interesting debate on biofuels by looking at the impacts of climatic events such as typhoons on the production of biofuels. More broadly, the report brings out a new perspective on linking adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change. It shows there is a strong feedback mechanism involving mitigation strategies and climatic changes that need to be taken into consideration by policymakers. In other words, mitigation
strategies need to be adapted to the newly-revealed realities of many parts of the world suffering from climate induced
environmental change.