REDD+ has become an important component in the discussions on climate change and forest governance, but there is further need to understand the linkages with local governance and the challenges for its implementation.

This report proposes a set of governance criteria to assess the greening of urban processes that go beyond the decision-making procedures, and includes the capacity to implement change, the results in greening the economy, and final outcomes on the ground.

Biofuels have been promoted as a way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Besides the claim of mitigating climate

Authored by MS Suneetha and Balakrishna Pisupati and presented during a side-event at ABS 7, this report attempts to assess and analyze the issues related to benefit sharing, the entry points for discussions on the issues and the possible considerations that national implementing authorities should make before deciding on benefit sharing principles and policies.

This paper attempts to verify the hypotheses that there is a greater likelihood that initiatives under the CBD process to achieve the 2010 target are more tangible than at the MDG level; that there is a need to link the targets and indicators of the 2010 commitments of the CBD with those of the MDGs; and that the MDGs can use the programme of work under the CBD as an interim indicator of successfu