Land rights and the rush for land

This new study of large land acquisitions in developing countries by International Land Coalition says that while large land deals can create opportunities, they are more likely to cause problems for the poor, who often lose access to land essential to their livelihoods.

This report synthesises the findings of the global Commercial Pressures on Land research project, coordinated by the Secretariat of the International Land Coalition (ILC) with the support of one of its members, CIRAD, and the collaboration of more than 40 grassroots and civil society organisations, academics, and research institutions from around the world. Twenty-eight case studies, thematic studies, and regional overviews resulting from this project have already been published. In addition, this report incorporates the latest data emerging from the ongoing Land Matrix project to monitor large-scale land transactions. The aim of this report is not to provide a complete review of the growing literature on land deals and wider commercial pressures on land but to present, summarise, and interpret the evidence that has emerged so far from these two collaborative projects. The aim is to draw conclusions from this body of evidence as to the key features of this land rush, the outcomes that it is having, the contextual factors that are shaping these outcomes, and the responses needed from civil society, governments, and development partners.

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