Methods for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from food systems: household food consumption

This paper is part of a series detailing new methodologies for estimating key components of agrifood systems emissions, with a view to disseminate the information in FAOSTAT. It describes methods for estimating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in households, which include fossil fuel-based energy use and non-renewable (i.e. beyond sustainable wood harvesting levels) woodfuel use. This update would be reflected in the database of the annual carbon footprint of energy use in pre- and post-production agrifood system processes, on a country basis and with global coverage, for the period 1990–2020. Methods for estimating GHG emissions from other agrifood system processes and complementing this work are discussed elsewhere, specifically in relation to estimating emissions from fertilizer manufacturing, food processing, packaging and retail , food transport, waste disposal, woodfuel used in the household, on-farm energy use, and pesticides manufacturing.