Roadmap for access to clean cooking energy in India

The Clean Cooking Energy Roadmap—developed in collaboration with NITI Aayog and GIZ— envisions to eliminate the use of all cooking arrangements that cause household air pollution (HAP) in India by 2025. It adopts a multi-fuel, multi-stakeholder approach, and is guided by principles of equity and inclusion. It calls for a neutral inter-ministerial commission to deliver on the recommendations and to monitor progress towards an HAP-free India. The Roadmap prescribes sectoral and fuel-specific strategies to transform the supply-side value chains of improved cookstoves, biogas, LPG, piped natural gas, and solar and electricity-based cooking. These strategies integrate technology and business model development, while also focusing on access to credit for both households and enterprises. The roadmap is an outcome of consultations with the representatives of key ministries facilitated by NITI Aayog and interviews with 30 key stakeholders in the cooking energy sector.