Southern Africa - El Niño Response Plan 2016/17

Race against time in drought-ravaged Southern Africa to ensure 23 million people receive farming support. At least $109 million is urgently required for the provision of seeds and other agricultural inputs and services. With only a few weeks before land preparation begins for the next main cropping season, some 23 million people in Southern Africa urgently need support to produce enough food to feed themselves and thus avoid being dependent on humanitarian assistance until mid 2018, FAO said. A FAO-prepared response plan aims to ensure that seeds, fertilizers, tools, and other inputs and services, including livestock support, are provided to small-holder farmers, agro-pastoralists and pastoralists to cope with the devastating impact of an El Niño-induced drought in the region. At least $109 million in funding is required to provide this urgently needed support. Farmers must be able to plant by October and failure to do so will result in another reduced harvest in March 2017, severely affecting food and nutrition security and livelihoods in the region, FAO warned.