Task force report on urban development

The Task Force on Urban Development was constituted in June 2010 by the Planning Commission, Planning and Development Division, Government of Pakistan, to review existing urban conditions in the country and establish broad principles for formulating a national urban policy. Headed by Mr. Arif Hasan, the Task Force, comprising eminent professionals from various urban development disciplines, has explored major challenges confronting the cities
and framed broad parameters to address the issues. In the introduction, the report highlights the biggest urban challenge facing Pakistan as the accelerated population growth of towns and cities. It is estimated that 55 to 60 million more people will be added to urban areas by the year 2030. The growing urbanization has positioned cities to play exceedingly important role in the national economic and social development and, therefore, the process needs to be supported and managed efficiently. The cities have been visualized as places of culture, learning and ideas whose development is based on principles promoting harmony, productivity, efficiency, creativity and equity.