World Energy Trilemma 2015: priority actions on climate change and how to balance the trilemma

Development of a clear climate framework and a global emissions target is essential if $48-53 trillion for a new sustainable energy infrastructure is to be delivered, according to a new report from the World Energy Council. The findings are uncovered today in the fifth edition of the energy leaders dialogue series, the World Energy Trilemma Report, ‘Priority actions on climate change and how to balance the energy trilemma’, released by the World Energy Council and project partner Oliver Wyman, along with the Global Risk Centre of its parent Marsh & McLennan Companies, to government representatives as they meet for the sixth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM6) in Merida, Mexico. Drawing upon the insights of more than 2,500 industry leaders and policymakers from across the globe, the report reveals the urgency with which energy sector leaders view the need for negotiators to agree on a climate framework and a global target for greenhouse gas emissions. Such a target, clearly defined and monitored, would enable the industry and finance sector to unlock investment and facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy future.