Nearly 8,000 positive dengue cases reported in State so far

Diagnosis is complicated due to challenges associated with sample collection

Detection of high levels of lead in blood sets off alarm bells

Heavy air pollution in the city is causing not just respiratory problems, but also resulting in an increased risk of people developing heart diseases.

Siddaramaiah to lead panel to Delhi to meet Prime Minister today.

‘Recommendations need to be modified for it to be accepted’

‘State has 36,000 HIV+ people in the grey zone who are unaware of the infection’

Of the 6.51 lakh units of blood collected in Karnataka from April 2012 to March 2013, 1,096 were found to be HIV positive and therefore discarded. Shockingly, of these, a mere 236 (21.5 per cent) HIV+ people were referred to Integrated Testing and Counselling Centres (ICTC) for further counselling and treatment.

Citizens, be prepared to pay more for water after Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board starts supply from the Cauvery Stage IV Phase II.