A comprehensive tome on the biodiversity convention is being readied. But will it include all the viewpoints?

The ministry of environment and forests" plan to conserve biodiversity excludes the people.

The Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station has managed to secure a World Bank loan of $400 million, but the allegations of environmental degradation levelled against it are mounting

The Planning Commission is embarking on a new approach to agriculture planning. But state governments and the finance ministry are reluctant to invest in "untried" concepts.

A rural development ministry plan, which will allow industries to take over non forest wastelands, will further deprive the rural poor of fodder and fuelwood.

Controversy over Himachal limestone mining

The subject of limestone mining in ecologically fragile Himachal Pradesh has become a political football, with plans changing as governments change. Villagers are divided on

Foreign buyers of Indian carpets insist that if child weavers are employed, they will not accept the product. The Indian government and manufacturers must now find a way out to protect a multi crore industry.

A dispute over a plot demarcation has highlighted the problem of protecting privately owned forests in Himachal.

Studying the history of human interaction with nature can be very useful in formulating resource management policies. It can also provide a clearer insight into the causes of poverty

AFTER a decade of academic exercises, Indian planners have decided to incorporate the concept of agroclimatic regional planning in the Eighth Five-Year plan to ensure sustainable crop yields and