A recent disaster that claimed 55 lives revealed the abysmal safety standards of India's mines.

Sukhomajr, a village in Haryana, has come to symbolise how community efforts at natural regeneration can improve both the forests and the people's standard of living.

The environment ministry is updating the Indian Forest Act, but getting all the states to agree to it may prove to be tricky.

Sandalwood smuggling, epitomised by Veerappan, has become a collective phenomenon involving entire villages, which even the ban on sandalwood exports has been unable to curb. Deregulation of the sandal tree, currently under state control, is now being deb

By asserting the sovereignty of the right to control their tropical forests, more than 40 developing countries are gearing up to counter the North's attempts to regulate deforestation

A proposal to include the Calcutta wetlands in the list of waterbodies of national importance will protect it from real estate developers as well as facilitate funds for its conservation

Municipal authorities in Delhi deny they were responsible for the deaths of eight people caused by contaminated water

Kamal Nath is one of the few Indian ministers to have acquired an international image. He has traversed the globe to attend various environmental conferences and has also played host to several of his foreign counterparts. Nath argues the new found green

Under pressure from importers and voluntary groups, traders are acknowledging the need to regulate the employment of children.

The Narmada Bachao Andolan has forced a reconsideration of the Sardar Sarovar Project. But with Gujarat opposed to any review and support for NBA eroding, the talks may turn out to be the calm between storms