Many people in the country are gripped by the destruction caused by floods in the Kosi river of Bihar, leading to vicious misery and displacement of nearly two-and-half million people there. However, floods are common and intrinsic to the Bihar economy.

CAG report points to lapses in NREGP

Much has to be sown in the country's agriculture before a bountiful harvest can be reaped

As political parties, environmentalist banner-holders and indigenous industries cry themselves hoarse over the entry of the Cogentrix facility, moot ecological issues seem to take a backseat

High risk levels and pathetically inadequate disaster management plans tar Indian roads as danger zones

The recent regulatory organ transplant Act, supposed to be a fist in the kidneys of the huge illegal bodyparts trade, has turned out to be a glancing blow

Galvanising support for the unconditional withdrawal of the new Forest Bill, NGOs and a fifth column within the bureaucracy are harrowing the government

JONATHAN LASH heads the Washington based World Resource Institute WRI and is the co chairperson of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development. Lash came to New Delhi in November 1994 to release The Second India Revisited, a WRI study exami

...of the North revel in pushing the South to the road to environmental rack and ruin

WHATEVER happened to the North-South wrangle on the consumption issue? Two grandiose international meets are around the corner: on population next fortnight, and on social development 6 months later.