Large-scale survey data are used to question the most public claims about food habits in India. It is found that the extent of overall vegetarianism is much less—and the extent of overall beef-eating much more—than suggested by common claims and stereotypes. The generalised characterisations of “India” are deepened by showing the immense variation of food habits across scale, space, group, class, and gender.

This report by Mining Zone People’s Solidarity Group investigates actual impacts of the POSCO project on people of Jagatsinghpur, Keonjhar and Sundergerh in Orissa where the steel plant, the port, and the mines will be set up.

The all pervasive importance given to the electoral aspect of formal democracy in India hides the inefficacy of institutions of democracy and governance as they exist today. In some sense, elections are used as tools of legitimation by the ruling classes of policies that are inimical to the interests of the majority who vote. Why is it then that voters vote?