The continuing low-level seismicity in the vicinity of the Idukki Reservoir, Kerala, is interesting from the perspective of hydrologically triggered earthquakes. While the frequency of triggered earthquakes in the vicinity of a reservoir usually reduces with time and the largest earthquake usually occurs within a few years on the initial filling, the triggered seismicity in the proximity of the Idukki Reservoir seems to be showing a second, delayed peak, as the 1977 (M 3.5)

Much has been written about the 11 March 2011, Mw 9.1 Tohoku-Oki earthquake, that occurred off the northern Japanese coast owing to the unprecedented fury of the tsunami it generated and the destructive impact it had on a coastal nuclear power plant in northern Japan. In any case, the Japanese earthquake is a watershed event in the history of natural disasters, as it

The earthquake that occurred on 12 January 2010 in the vicinity of the
boundary of the North American and Caribbean tectonic plates devastated the island of Haiti with tragic consequences. One of history