Burning Not So Bright

The tiger population at the Kanha national park has come down from 89 to 60 between 2006 and 2010.
Experts fear that Kanha may go the way of the Panna national park, which has lost all its tigers
Poaching and a shrinking habitat are the two key problem areas in Kanha
State government blames the drop on faulty census methods, not on their lack of foresi


The surcharged debate over GM (genetically modified) crops and food has blundered into ominous terrain. Do civil society and scientists have the right to question government decisions on deployment of GM crops and foods?

Six states reel under an acute water crisis

Over the last fortnight, the Madhya Pradesh government moved two tigresses from Bandhavgarh sanctuary to the Panna tiger reserve. Apparently, this was aimed at enhancing the "dwindling tiger population" by encouraging the big cats to mate. But wildlife experts rubbish the state government effort: they say the big question is whether there are any male tigers at all in Panna.