Passengers on an unusual train journeying the through the thick of Punjab polls discuss their ailments afflicting an entire generation. Strangely, for the state's politics, which is as much blinded by materialism as the people there, these problems just don't exist.

An audit of the RTE Act (Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education) implementation in 10 states exposes poor state of education sector.

When the Delhi government sought to reach out to the intended beneficiaries, it found it needed a 'mission convergence' to ensure better delivery of services. The gender resource centres (GRCs) brought together all 49 welfare entitlements of nine participating departments to the people who needed them the most-the urban poor. Also, the 40-odd forms were reduced to a single common application form.

Delhi government has partnered with private sponsors to reach out to the homeless and the hungry with free or affordable food.

Sundesh, a CSR initiative from Dabur India, has been giving a leg-up to two UP districts.