India's food products market is nearly ₹25 lakh crore and in the next five years it is expected too shoot over ₹40 lakh crore. In this scenario the role of the food regulator, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is crucial. However, the FSSAI is in a pathetic condition and its record of hauling up erring food products firms is far from satisfactory.

Bad news is good news; media revel in news of crisis and catastrophe. No news is bad news; some space has to be filled with news if anyone is going to look at accompanying views and ads. But if there is no news, pseudo-news can be invented, also known as speculation. Speculation is possible all round the year on weather, for luckily, India is situated far enough from the equator to have pronounced seasons.

At 97, Chunibhai Vaidya seems more energetic than ever as he fights for the rights of poor farmers - and for Gandhi-Vinobha's ideals - in Modi-land.

In January, PM Manmohan Singh had promised a "practical, pragmatic and viable solution" to the plethora of problems plaguing the power sector "within a month". An expert suggests a roadmap to get there in good shape and in good time.

Decades and crores of rupees later, Ganga is dirtier than ever. Despite fasts, protests and resignations, nothing seems to have moved the government.

It is probably the most important battle of our times, the battle for natural resources like land, natural gas, telecom spectrum and coal mines. Who owns them-the state, citizens or private players? How to make the best use of them? A series of supreme court judgements on one hand several parliamentary bill on the other answer the questions differently. Both need to come to terms with finer nuances of various sectors.

Ear after ear, a community radio meant for migrant labourers of the millennium city has grown by bridging the gap between them and the administration.

Microsoft India has partnered with government in delivering many successful e-governance initiatives. It has played a key role in the areas of education through the Siksha initiative by enhancing IT skills of the teachers. Ranbir Singh, group director, public sector, Microsoft India, in an interview with Samir Sachdeva mentions the areas where Microsoft has partnered with various government agencies for the betterment of society.

The low cost tablet Aakash was promised to students as a device that would significantly improve the quality of education. But the feedback from the pilot seems to suggest that it is a grand dream fast going sour.

Land sharks are out to gobble up an ancient city of Odisha known for its unparalleled urban planning and fortification.