This paper contributes to improving understanding of how funders, practitioners and other stakeholders can support and facilitate transformation in adaptation to climate change.

India's food products market is nearly ₹25 lakh crore and in the next five years it is expected too shoot over ₹40 lakh crore. In this scenario the role of the food regulator, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is crucial. However, the FSSAI is in a pathetic condition and its record of hauling up erring food products firms is far from satisfactory.

The Karakoram and the Himalayan mountain range accommodate a large number of glaciers and are the major source of several perennial rivers downstream. To interactively describe to response of glaciers to climate change, a glacier parameterization scheme has been developed and implemented into the regional climate model REMO. The scheme simulates the mass balance as well as changes of the areal extent of glaciers on a subgrid scale. The parameterization scheme is for the first time applied to the region.

Now days due to economic security, paddy-wheat rotation is prevalent in Punjab. This crop rotation has directly or indirectly caused a lot of ecological, economic and health problems. According to Indian Council of Medical Research, a healthy person should consume 300g vegetables, 40g pulses and negligible quanity of fruits per person per day.

Evaluation of the morphometric parameters requires preparation of drainage map, contour map, ordering of the various streams and measurements of catchment area, perimeter, relative relief, relief ratio, length of drainage channels, drainage density, drainage frequency, bifurcation ratio, texture ratio, circulatory ratio and constant channel maintenance, which help to understand the nature of the d