Stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen have long been used to trace the hydrological processes on the principle that the lighter isotopes of water (e.g. H2O) preferentially evaporate over its heavier isotopes (e.g. HDO or H2 18O), and the heavier isotopes preferentially condense. In this line, several studies were carried out all over the world to characterize the local meteoric lines for generalizing the amalgamation of various hydrological processes taking place over multiple temporal and spatial scales.

Groundwater conditions in the multi-aquifer system in the Krishna River Delta, India, were studied through an integrated approach using hydrochemical, hydrogeological and isotopic techniques. This study

India has good average annual precipitation, but its poor distribution in space and time has led to the scarcity of groundwater in many areas. Artificial recharge to groundwater requires a composite procedure along with detailed morphometric and hydrogeological studies of the area. In Maharashtra State, a