Centre Allocates Rs 96.5 Crore To Kejriwal Govt For First Phase Of Swachh Delhi Abhiyan

SMYR Consortium, the South Corporationappointed toll contractor, has collected Rs 4.32 crore as green tax from trucks entering Delhi so far.

New Delhi: Three days after a green tax was levied on heavy commercial vehicles, the number of trucks entering the capital has gone down by at least 30% at 124 border points.

Most Truck Drivers Say They Were Unaware Of New Charge, Refuse To Pay

SMYR Consortium, the toll contractor appointed by the South Corporation, finally agreed to collect the environment compensation charge (ECC) from heavy commercial vehicles from Friday night.

RAJOKRI BORDER: It's 10.30pm on Sunday. Tonight, the first major step to clean up Delhi's air is to be implemented - the imposition of a 'pollution tax' on trucks entering the capital.

Delhi's big plan to combat air pollution this winter is likely to face a delay.

It was symbolic perhaps that the capital's first Car-Free Day was ushered in with a bicycle rally.